CONTENTS: Pedagogika, Psihologia ta Mediko-Biologicni Problemi Fizicnogo Vihovanna i Sportu
=Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2008, vol.5

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Author Title of the article Year, Issue Page
1. Andrianov ..Problems of forming physical and functional preparation of students of higher educational establishments of Ministry of Military powers of Ukraine 2008.-N5.3
2. Babenko V.G.Actual aspects of development of system of physical preparation in practical members and subitems of internal affairs of Ukraine 2008.-N5.6
3. Bezkorovainyi D.O.Development of force musculus flexor forearms and paintbrushes in schoolboys of 8-17 years who are occupied armsport 2008.-N5.9
4. Boyko G.Psychodiagnosis in the system of psychological-pedagogical accompaniment of preparation of swimmers of high qualification in Paralympics sport 2008.-N5.13
5. Vakulenko T.S.The steps of forming students' systematical knowledge with the usage of schematic means of study 2008.-N5.16
6. Verbenko M., Kalinichenko I.Effect of lessons of physical training on mental work capacity of schoolchildren 2008.-N5.19
7. Verbludov I.B., Loza T.A.Students' height-weight correction of pedagogical universities for improving their physical condition at self-training 2008.-N5.22
8. Golyaka S.K., Stepanuk S.I., Gorodynska I.V.Functional mobility of nervous processes and their personly properties of sportsmens 2008.-N5.27
9. Grigus I.M., Dgyga O.D.The valuing efficacy of physical rehabilitation patients with intermittent bronchial asthma 2008.-N5.31
10. Gun'ko P.M.Pedagogical conditions of perfecting power abilities of students in system of physical training 2008.-N5.34
11. Yegorova O.V.Stimulating future teachers to take part in research work 2008.-N5.36
12. Zhsan I.A.Heredity of the development of human static and dynamic endurance 2008.-N5.40
13. Zhuravel A.V., Zakorko I.P., Oleksenko I.N.Particulares of development pedagogical conditions an organization of working with cadets, which has no success of physical training 2008.-N5.44
14. Zubal M.V.The dynamics of physical qualities of boys with various somatotypes in 7-17 year old 2008.-N5.46
15. Kanishcheva .P.Forming healthy way of life of students with low adaptation possibilities of organism 2008.-N5.50
16. Kirichenko A.V.Pedagogical heritage A.S.Makarenko in conditions of realization of tasks of modern national education of learning youth 2008.-N5.53
17. Kozhevnikova L.K., Dzuba Z.G., Vertelezka N.I.Humanism progress trends of physical education of students of modern high school 2008.-N5.58
18. Koygushskaya G.P., Evtushenko V.M., Fedoseeva O.V.Lymphatc nodes mesentery as a marker of exogenic factors immunal system of digestion tract 2008.-N5.61
19. Kompaniets Yu.A.Phenomenon of the body in the modern philosophical and cultural discourse 2008.-N5.63
20. Kopchikova S.G.Training of high class swimmers, who specialize on different distances to two Olympic Games 2008.-N5.68
21. Krotov G.V.Differential approach to programation of progress of motional ability by girls from primary school 2008.-N5.71
22. Kuznetsova V.M.K.D.Ushinsky about social and pedagogical significance of the study of foreign pedagogical experience 2008.-N5.74
23. Lysiak V.N.The structure of interest in physical training classes and sport 2008.-N5.77
24. Litvinenko A.M.Efficiency of synergetic method of management during organization of the system of sporting preparation in the contact metod of karate-do 2008.-N5.81
25. Lukashenko O.M.R.Shtajner about effect of intellectualization of learning on health of low schoolchildren 2008.-N5.84
26. Lutovinov Y.A.Comparative analysis of physical development, physical preparedness pupils of lyceum 2008.-N5.87
27. Musiyenko O.V., Krapivina K.O., Strelchenko V.V., Yaremchuk Y.Y., Schepansky Y.Y.Thyroid gland response on postural influences 2008.-N5.92
28. Oleshko V.G.The perspectives of the Ukrainian weightlifters participation at the Olympic Games 2008.-N5.95
29. Petrenko S.A.Preschool educational establishment and school physical upbringing system succession 2008.-N5.99
30. Petrovich V.V.Research of efficacyy of programs of correction of the sagittal profile of bearing of children of low school age 2008.-N5.101
31. Pomazan ..Modern situation of selection of children in age of 4-6 years to employments by a gymnastics 2008.-N5.106
32. Prikhoda I.V.The efficacy and security of the combination therapy of Nimesil and Kurantil on treatment in patients with primary osteoartrosis 2008.-N5.108
33. Prontenko K.V.The dynamics of indexes of physical development and functional state of cadets of the military institutes with operator profile on the stage of the primary education under act of the employments of the weight ball lifting 2008.-N5.111
34. Prudnikova M.S.Research of development of second sexual signs of young bicyclists 12-13 years in the period of becoming of ovarian - menstrual cycle 2008.-N5.115
35. Romanchuk S.V., Starchuk O.O., Taran V.S., Boyarchuk O.M., Radkevych O.M., Gusak A.D.Features of physical training of Armed Forces of Ukraine for different military specialties 2008.-N5.117
36. Sembrat A.L.The basic methodological positions of intellectual education and development of the person in teaching and educational process of a grammar school 2008.-N5.120
37. Serorez T.B.Aerobic and anaerobic productivity of the body of the men of the first mature age 2008.-N5.123
38. Sidorchenko K.M.Feature physical health teenagers with miscellaneous by type to somaticamy constitution 2008.-N5.130
39. Sitnikova N. S.Application of the program of correction measures in the training process of young sportsmen 10 - 16 years, engaged in track-and-field 2008.-N5.134
40. Starchuk O.O., Romanchuk S.V., Gusak O.D.Physical training in military forces of the leading states of NATO as a mean of psychological readiness of servicemen to the actions in extreme terms (military operations) 2008.-N5.138
41. Syshko D.V.Influence vestibular load on special preparedness into account the type of vestibulovegetativ reaction of athlete's runners on 800m 2008.-N5.141
42. ҳmoshenko O.V.The program-purpose approach as optimum condition of managements during inculcation of modern technologies in Higher Education 2008.-N5.143
43. Khoroshukha M.F.The question under consideration is the ways of determining the physical working capacity (PWC170) using the method power-ergometery on the basis of conducting of a single submaximal loading 2008.-N5.147
44. Shaverskii V.K.Increase of engineering skill of students of a trade "Physical training" on occupations on track and field athletics 2008.-N5.151
45. Yuchymuk V.P.Conceptual analysis of terms "Olympic education" and "Olympic upbringing" 2008.-N5.154
46. Yagello V., Krushevskiy A.Somatic aspects of sports mastery of Polish representatives in wrestling 2008.-N5.158
47. Monika Niewiadomska, Marija Radzijewska.Use of physical activities in therapy of sick children by the diabetes of the first type 2008.-N5.161

Founders: Kharkov regional branch of national olympic committee of Ukraine. Publishing house KSADA. Editor-in-chief: Sergey Yermakov.