CONTENTS: Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports, 2013, vol.12

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1. Adyrkhaev S.G.Physical culture in the life of students with disabilities 2013.-N12.3
2. Artemenko B.O.Features of use of combinational circuits play in attack during volleyball matches 2013.-N12.10
3. Golovaschenko R.V.Study of speed endurance middle distance runners 2013.-N12.15
4. Kachurovs'kyy D.O.Question of swimmers' training in modern foreign literature on sport of high performances 2013.-N12.19
5. Konoh O.E.Integrated use of sports games in physical education of preschool children 2013.-N12.27
6. Krasota V.M., Olkhovy О.М.The interdependence of professional and physical readiness for future officers of the Air Force 2013.-N12.31
7. Kutek T.B.Impact on the effectiveness of rehabilitation funds qualified athletes specializing in the long jump with a running start 2013.-N12.37
8. Menshikh E.E.Short-term visual memory properties sheet secondary school age with different levels of physical development 2013.-N12.42
9. Muskharina Y.Y., Babak V.V., Burov Y.V., Chernobay S.A.Orientation teachers of physical education for improve own health 2013.-N12.47
10. Omelyananko V.I.Auto- and heterosuggestion in boat rowing 2013.-N12.53
11. Potop V.A., Rafal G., Boloban V.N., Otsupok A.P.Biomechanical characterization dismount from balance beam on the basis of the analysis of key elements of sports equipment 2013.-N12.58
12. Ryepko O.A.Morphological characteristics of elite athletes, specializing in speed climbing, climbing and alpinism 2013.-N12.67
13. Sazonov V.V., Jaremenko V.V., Zemtsova I.I.The effectiveness of a course of the drug "Alakton" in the preparation of skilled wrestlers 2013.-N12.72
14. Stankiewicz Błaźej.Status, problems and future directions of research in volleyball 2013.-N12.77
15. Stroganov S.V.Features force between the foot and performance of special-based tests young basketball players 2013.-N12.82
16. Song Peng, Mihuta I.U.Psychomentality in the dialogue of cultures: comparative analysis performance improvement psychomotor abilities of locomotion during the development of sports and recreation of East and West 2013.-N12.87
17. Futornyі S.М.Ways to improve the organization of physical education students in higher education 2013.-N12.94
18. Cieślicka MirosławaSwimming lessons in improving the health of students 2013.-N12.101
19. Iakovenko O.O.Substantiation of the approach to the formation of the crews in rowing 2013.-N12.105
20. Bolach Bartosz, Prystupa Tetyana.Overall assessment of physical fitness in children with mental retardation in the test "Eurofit special" 2013.-N12.110

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