Authors Kashuba H.V.

Gridina N.A.

Kashuba A.M.

Abstract Ideas of teaching and educational morals of contemporary youth are examined in the article and broadening (widening) the possibility of realizing moral education. System of valuable orientations has been examined and comparative analysis of youths and girls of Donetsk State University of Management has been carried out. Methods of formation moral behavior, correction and consolidation of moral qualities of students in process of teaching and educational work by means of physical culture which after all defines the behavior and action of a person.
Key words morals; ethic; personality; physical culture; students;
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First page 79
Last page 82
Volume 10
Year 2009
Title of Journal Pedagogika, psihologia ta mediko-biologicni problemi fizicnogo vihovanna i sportu=PEDAGOGICS, PSYCHOLOGY, MEDICAL-BIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF PHYSICAL TRAINING AND SPORTS
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